Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Writing An Essay

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Wanting to improve your essay writing is supposed to be your top agenda for all scholars and writers alike. A good essay has an impressive introduction usually, well-structured content, combined with a powerful conclusion. Poorly written essays normally lack content or structure and give no impression to the reader. Your essay might be good, but if it is not articulated well and clearly written, then you are taking the wrong route in your academic journey. Below are some of the seven cases of mistakes from essay writing service writers you need to avoid in case you want to be a complete and successful essay writer.

Mistake #1: Avoiding making personal, Global issues

When essays are made personal, there is a way it touches the heart of a reader. For instance, if you chose to write about the American relationship with Libya or any political problem in the Muslim nations, it is feasible to relate with it. You can imagine Libya as your father’s home and your family is living in America. Make the reader understand your Islamic faith in regards to the Libyan American relation. It is not a bad idea to pick a hot political topic, but the issue is, how you are going to personalize the topic. If writing about the effects of drugs on the youth I’m not implying that you must be a drug user, but rather make it seem like you have someone close to you affected by these drugs. This will make it more natural than forged.

Mistake #2: Lack of perspective in your essays

When writing good and argumentative paper students surely need to collect some information and evidence to provide enough context and support the ideas highlighted in the introduction part. However, sometimes students` essays lack a perspective and context making them sound confident. When writing about various serious issues students should try to imagine yourself as an attestor of an occurrence and provide efficient evidence and examples. Under these circumstances, as really useful advice can be assumed to make the tone of your essay sound more perspective and make the reader believe that you actually know the topic very well.

Mistake#3: Shoddy writing skills with lack of details

Many students with advanced English language skills have failed to get a chance into their dream universities not because they don’t know how to write essays but missing details. The Richard Sera Installation, the “hand-cranked” ice cream Isabella Polon’s essay that got her a chance into Yale protrudes with magnificent and attractive details portraying her meticulous abhorrent nature. Students should avoid writing some primitive sentences, such as “I went to have dinner then won a lottery.” Good writing makes an essay stand out. Be more articulate than and as descriptive as you can about what you are writing — I want to smell it, touch it, and see it.

Mistake #4: Always playing the victim in your essays

You can look good in an essay without bragging. This is how you make a hero of yourself at the end of your essay. You should not write only about positive aspects of your life, but also it is important to mention some negative information or bad side. However, do not simply emphasize the problems and difficulties, do not forget to write how the situation influenced on your personality and helped to grab new and useful experience.

Mistake #5: Unclear Intellectual Curiosity

I remember when I did my science essay I wanted to show my teacher how devoted I was to the subject. When writing the essay, I tried to highlight the importance of science in my life. Being meaningful in your essay can build your points in a paper and make your tutor believe in your interest. So do not forget to prove and emphasize that you are deeply concerned about the subject when writing an essay.

Mistake #6: Writing without putting your audience into perspective

Knowing your audience will save you a lot. As much as it is good to speak your mind but your audience is an important aspect of putting into consideration. First of all, do not forget to proofread the essay and elicit any intolerant data, that can be treated as offensive by your readers. Secondary, try to add various facts regarding the sphere of interests of the target audience to engage them in reading the paper. So when making a plan of your essay emphasize the relevant information for the audience.

Mistake #7 Unclear, juggled up, and poorly written Language

Legibility holds precedence on everything you write. Your essays need to be appropriately framed and grammatically sound in order to be read surmised without an effort by your intended audience. The audience should never be subjected to reducing the content of your essay due to its notably structured form. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos portray a bad taste. Using word processing tools like Grammarly can help you meticulously proofread your essay. Most students shy away from intensive vocabulary in their essay writing, but the truth is your work should look as professional as possible. It shouldn’t appear like our everyday writing but rather something improved and serious in terms of vocabulary. Never include nonstandard verbs like wanna, and gotta in your writing. This will discredit your work from the word go. Use high-level vocabulary but in a natural way and formal constructions. Make use of your dictionary to come up with unique vocabulary for your essay.

Many prolific writers seem to be born with natural writing talent, but even already experienced writers had to go through various struggles to achieve success. However, those who persevere along the way become successful proficient writers. You must put in work and crack it from the beginning. Fortunately, with so many blogs and websites, that can provide any student with a professionally written paper or offer live essay writing training and also proofreading services, you can never go wrong if you are serious about it.