This Amazing $25 Cap Will Turn Any Water Bottle Into A Humidifier

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The Amazing Humidifier can be fixed to the top of almost any plastic bottle. The device consists of a screw-on doodad embedded with a filter and fan. A dipstick plugs into the bottom of the attachment and extends down into the bottle’s contents. Plug a USB cord into the port on the side of the cap, and watch the mist of moisture instantly rise up toward the ceiling. 🙂

water humid f

The makers behind the compact humidifier say it improves on the traditional space-hogging humidifier in almost every way. It’s low maintenance and requires no cleaning—just recycle the bottle and attach a new one.

water humid5

It doubles as a mister, mood light, and “aroma diffuser.” It’s incredibly quiet, and it runs continuously for up to eight hours before shutting down.

water humid3

The humidifier cap comes in several colors.

water humid6

Larger machines are designed for whole rooms, whereas the Amazing Humidifier is person-centered, making ideal for both public and private spaces.  

water humid2

Check it out in action below!

This is such an amazing product, especially if you are in an area where there is poor air quality, or if you or a family member has a lung/breathing issue. 

There is a full size model as well as a mini model. The mini model can be purchased for roughly $18.

You can purchase one here. 


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