6 Awesome, Quirky And Helpful Websites That You Probably Have Never Heard Of Before

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There are over 1-billion websites in the virtual world and it is impossible to know about them all! Some are cool, and some suck and with that said…we have stumbled across 6 pretty cool sites to share with you that are both awesome and tad quirky!

1. Skiplagged.com

Looking to travel somewhere? Anywhere? Well make sure to keep skiplagged.com on your radar. This handy little site makes it easier for travelers to discover secret airline fares that aren’t typically accessible via traditional travel websites.

So basically, you can be super strategic when pricing out flights and snag the best deal possible!

The site puts the best deals in front of you. If it is cheaper to by a round trip ticket rather than a one way…then that is the one you should get and just not travel the last leg of the journey!

The idea is that travelers wanting to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles, for example, are instructed to book a flight to an alternative destination, say San Francisco, with a stopover in Los Angeles. They then don’t bother to take the last leg of their journey.

2. HotelWiFiTest

In this day in age, WiFi is super important when travelling. This awesome website will allow you to check a hotel’s WiFi signal, prior to you booking your stay! Crappy WiFi…move on to another hotel!

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Even better, HotelWiFiTest lets users sort hotels in your area by overall hotel rating (as provided by TripAdvisor) and even overall Wi-Fi speed.

3. GetHuman

This website is just brilliant!

There is nothing more frustrating than calling up customer service and trying to navigate through a maze of phone prompts before being able to talk to an actual human being.

To alleviate this, GetHuman.com is a valuable tool insofar that it give you the full scoop on which buttons to press or what phrases to say in order to get to an actual representative as quickly as possible.

Notably, GetHuman has phone workarounds for all types of companies, from tech companies and airlines to cable providers and banks.

4. WornOnTv

WornOnTv.net is an interesting website that lets you know where to purchase articles of clothing that you may have seen characters on popular TV shows wearing.

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WornOnTv describes itself as follows:

The website compiles the shows from every known network. From the sun dress worn by Jessica Day on the latest episode of New Girl to the certifiably nerdy shirts of Sheldon Cooper on each episode of The Big Bang Theory, Worn on TV has every major program covered.

The site will tell you where you can the clothing at the cheapest prices!

5. Howlongtoreadthis

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Helping out in this regard is a website called howlongtoreadthis.com which allows users to see how long it would take them to read any book of their choosing. The way it works is simple and intuitive. Select a book, and then take a short 30 second reading test to gauge your reading speed.

6. Forgotify

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The premise of Forgotify.com is simple. It shuffles through songs that have never been played, not even once, on Spotify. It’s a great way to listen to either undiscovered gems, or horrific tunes that have never been played for a reason. Either way, it’s a fun way to kill some time.

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