B.B. King Called This One Of His Best Performances

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Sadly we lost one of the greatest musicians to ever grace this earth today. In B.B. King’s honor we felt that this video was a must share. King wildly called his performance at New York’s Maximum Security Prison “One of the best performance of his life”. Many news reports throughout the years have also called it “One of the best live performances in the history of live music.”

As you watch this video, notice how the crowd is a tad standoffish, they are skeptical of the Blues music that King plays. As King starts to play, the crowd turns around. He takes a mass audience of skeptic, hardened prisoners and he turns them into instant fans.

The way King starts playing the guitar in this clip is nothing shy of beautiful. You can see it in his face, that he feels every note he plays throughout his entire body and soul.

When King starts the vocal portion…it will give you chills. He was a performer, a master and he truly put blues music on the map. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest musicians of all time. Rest in peace Mr. King.

Take five minutes and watch this clip. You can really feel how powerful of a performance this must have been. Share this with others in King’s honor, as it truly deserves a share!

Source : Youtube