Baby Born Without Eyes Finds Happy Forever Home After Mom Cruelly Abandoned Him

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A baby born without eyes was cruelly abandoned by his mother, but thankfully his story has a happy ending.

Six-month-old Sasha was born in Russia with a very rare medical condition called SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome. There are only two other children in the entire world who share this condition.

Besides the 2 benign cysts on his forehead which have now been removed, the baby has no other medical issues unlike the other the two babies born with the condition. They suffer from other illnesses alongside SOX2 anophthalmia.

Sadly, Sasha’s mother felt he was unable to take care of him due to his ‘condition’, and placed him in an orphanage — where a nurse began taking care of Sasha daily.


The nurse stated that he really is just a normal baby boy!

“He is no different to other children, he plays and smiles just like any healthy baby.”

She continued:

“He loves playing and adores swimming. He is a very cheerful baby indeed.”

After a lot of research, doctors determined that Sasha will never be able to see. However, doctors did implant orbs into the baby’s eye sockets so his face would develop normally.

Last November, little Sasha was adopted by a family in Russia and the nurses who are currently taking care of the little boy are beyond happy that he is finding his “forever home.”

Sasha will no doubt have some struggles throughout life, but luckily he will have the love and support from his new family behind him!