Genius $12 Life Hack To Rid Your Life Of Baby Bottle Clutter

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Texas mom Brooke McDaniel recently shared about how she keeps her baby bottles neat and orderly. Her simple solution doesn’t take up extra space and utilizes items you may already own.

The hardest thing for a mom of a growing family is everything they use taking up valuable shelf space. “Every bottle holder was bulky and just didn’t fit my needs, so I improvised,” she said.

For only $12, you can save yourself a ton of counter and cabinet space! It’s simple and genius really! 

McDaniel belongs to a “new mommy” group and initially just posted her innovative solution there, but it was so popular that she decided to share the idea with everyone on her personal page. Now she is helping everyone save a little bit of space and money.

“Best ‘bottle holder’ I could ever have,” she added. “All my bottles in one place on my wall, space I wasn’t utilizing, instead of having a cabinet with bottles overflowing from it.”