Baby Onesie With Built-In Mop Lets Little Ones Clean While They Learn To Crawl

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It’s never too early to start your kiddo off on the importance of a good work ethic! I mean, teaching your kids to pitch in with the household chores isn’t a bad thing right?

Thanks to one company, now you can get even your youngest child sweeping and mopping with this onesie that comes with a built-in mop.

The onesie’s are available on Amazon and they comes in a variety of different sizes and styles!

The onesie features microfiber dusters on the arms and legs. As your little one crawls, they will also help pick up any dust and dirt along the way.

Each onesie retails for about $20-$30. Sounds like a pretty great baby shower gift to me!

We are not sure how well these little outfits clean floors, but they sure do look hilarious.

Many comments and reviews on Amazon state that this makes a wonderful ‘gag’ gift, if anything.

Just in case you are wondering how to correctly use one of these onesies…here is a diagram for your viewing pleasure.