Babysitter Accidentally Eats Pot Cookies…Has To Call 911

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A Palm Beach, Florida teen babysitter had to call 911 while on babysitting duty after she ate a few too many chocolate chip pot cookies. 

The babysitter  was watching two children when she ate some cookies she found in the refrigerator. According to the report, she started feeling sick about 30 minutes later.

Officer Dean Morea arrived at the scene at 9:47 p.m.

“[The victim] was hallucinating and was stating that she felt like she was going to die and that she thinks she may have a brain tumor,” Morea wrote in the report. “[The victim] continuously asked us if she was going to die and to pray for her.”

The babysitter was taken to the hospital for treatment and stated that the massive 102.2 gram cookies were found in the families refrigerator. She thought they were store bought cookies. The two children the sitter was watching stated they thought the cookies belonged to the babysitter. The mother of the two children also denied ever seeing the cookies before. 

Something tells me this sitter will have to look for employment elsewhere as this situation isn’t good for the resume’. 

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