Back To The Future Parody Video Shows Us That 2015 Is Far Worse Than 1985

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Well it would appear that we all know that today, October 21, 2015 is the day that the Doc sent Marty McFly to the future in the 1985 classic ‘Back To The Future’.  In the movie this day was depicted as having all kinds of cool new inventions and technologies. Some came true, but most did not.

Hoverboards are still a ways away and show that tie themselves are non existent.

CollegeHumor released a Back To The Future parody that shows exactly what our world looks like today. Sarcasm is used throughout the video to portray the shock that Marty McFly has when he realizes how messed up the world has become. All though the video is thought to be humorous, there some real truths spoken. My initial reaction after watching the video was ‘Wow, 1985 wasn’t that bad and pretty great’.

I loved growing up in the 80’s, the world was far more simple than it is today. When BTTF was written, it was clear that the writers wanted to depict a cool and technologically advanced society in 2015. Well, we have arrived and although there have been some major advances in technology since 1985, I would trade them all to go back to a time where kids played outside, people didn’t shoot one another on a daily basis and music was actual music. The list goes on…but you really should check out the parody video below!


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