21 Of The Best Backyard Game Ideas To Play With Family And Friends!

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What’s the point of having a backyard if you don’t enjoy it, use it and invite all your family and friends over to play some games in it?

Getting people together, having a few adult beverages and playing games is one of my families things to do! If you are trying to find new outdoor game ideas…have no worries…we got your back!

These are truly some of the best game ideas we have come across in a long while!

Yahtzee for the kids!

You can find instructions for this easy-to-make backyard game here.

backyard game ideas

Tic Tac Toe

Cute tic tac toe boards can be made out of anything, and painted stones make great markers!


Huge Dominoes

This is a great outdoor game. Check out the instructions here.


Make your own Koob

If you’re not familiar with Koob, get familar. Then build your own set with these instructions.


Giant Jenga!

Just make sure you’re out the way when it falls over.


Giant Kerplunk!

Everyone’s favorite childhood game! Get instructions to make this here.


Glow in the dark ring toss!

You just need a stick and a bunch of glow stick necklaces!


Giant Outdoor Scrabble

It’s the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon! Get the instructions here.


Lawn Golf!

It’s fun and less dangerous than it sounds. Get the instructions here.

backyard game ideas

Giant Backyard Connect Four

This is one of my favorites! Built by C & A Builders!


backyard game ideas


Whimsical Ring Toss

Make this cute game using these instructions.



Bring the best carnival game right to your backyard. Find out how here.


Make an easy catch game to play with the kids!

You can do it using all recycled materials. Here are the instructions.


Outdoor Checkers

Giant lawn checkers are a great party game. Make them using these instructions.


Old Sponge Water Balloons

Or you can keep them dry and use them as balls for little kids. Having ‘water balloon’ fights using these is actually quite fun! Find out how to make them here.


Make your own Angry Birds set

How awesome is that? Get the instructions here.


Outdoor Bowling

Using all recycled bottles. Try it here!



Making outdoor twister is so easy! Do it using these instructions.


Bean Bag Toss

You can customize your bag toss board with your kids’ favorite characters. Get the instructions here.


DIY Pinata

These are heaps of fun to make, and heaps of fun to break! Get the instructions here.