How To Create A Romantic Backyard Perfect For Relaxing And Loving

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When it comes to romantic ideas for the backyard, the list could stretch on perpetually. The backyard is the canvas, and the way in which you orient it and prepare it for romance is the painted picture. Whether you are the moody romantic or the outgoing, fun romantic, there are ways to transform your backyard into the perfect place for you and your partner. From things such as pools to stimulate activity to lights to set the mood, the avenue to a romantic backyard is far and wide. Read on to get a glimpse of the possibilities awaiting your backyard space.

Swimming in Romance


One simple move that can be made to stir some romance is installing a two-person hot tub in your backyard. With hot tub models for every aesthetic, you can surely stumble upon one that will fit your scene. Perhaps you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing a hot tub and the work and upkeep that comes with it. How does a quick getaway in an inflatable hot tub sound? Yep, they exist and they are super simple to use in addition to providing immediate relaxation and a romantic atmosphere. The water won’t be the only thing that’s hot when you and your partner indulge in a two-person spa.

Maybe hot tubs and being forced to stick in one spot don’t make the moment the way you’d wish. Why not go one step bigger than a hot tub and install a pool with a heater for those extra steamy evenings with your significant other? You can even take the ambience up a notch and throw in some floating pool lights. This is sure to provide the comfortable atmosphere that you seek when getting romantic with your partner. And while night swims and hot tubs can create beautiful and fun atmospheres, not everyone is looking to swim or sit in a hot tub for a romantic evening.

Additional Recreational Romance Ideas


Another idea for romanticizing your backyard is creating an elegant and peaceful, outdoor dining space for those warm and beautiful nights. This can be accomplished with as little as a picnic table and a few torch lights if you please. You could even go all out and create an outdoor kitchen space/patio. There’s little that’s more romantic than cooking for your significant other under the stars while you enjoy one another’s company and the nourishment of nature. A great way to increase to romantic ambience is with mood lighting. Hanging lights and tiki torches, etc. are ideal options for placing bits of mood lighting around your backyard.

Of course not everyone is big enough on food to transform their backyard into a romantic kitchen patio space. Some couples simply look forward to spending time with one another in the comfort of their yards. For these individuals, creating a peaceful sitting space among a small garden may be the way to romance. Even if it isn’t, remember that romance benefits from the stimulation of all senses and flowers are a phenomenal way to achieve a nice sense of smell during your romantic endeavors.

Another such option for those big into movies and television is setting up a viewing space in the backyard, either on a TV or a projector. Projectors are awesome for large spaces and for individuals who enjoy to fully immerse themselves in movies with their partner. Projectors are also easier to maintain when it comes to life outdoors. Projector screens and sheets can get wet, although it’s nice when they don’t, without malfunctioning. Obviously, TVs cannot and they require more intensive set up. Creating a space in your yard for you and your partner to lounge around, enjoy movies, and enjoy the outdoors is a low-maintenance way to up the romantic atmosphere of your relationship.

Stimulate the Senses


Creating romantic spaces is all about appealing to the senses while remaining within the confines of your partner’s comforts. By knowing the type of activities you and your partner enjoy, you can easily turn your backyard into a romantic playground. Just be sure to pay attention the senses. As has been mentioned, mood lighting is highly important for romantic spaces. By lighting an area, not too bright and not too low, you can create a space in which you and your partner can comfortably focus on one another. If the lights are too bright or low, your partner may be distracted from focusing on you and your needs as a couple.



Tending to the senses involves scents, tastes, and sounds, as well as visual stimuli. All of the potential romantic ideas for backyards covered here touch on at least one of these senses. A romantic space ideally has neutral, enjoyable smells like flowers and the smell of nature itself. It also has visual stimuli, in the form of lighting and other decor, that works to ease the mind of you and your partner and to put you into a mood where you can give your undivided attention to your partner. A phenomenal way to ensure that their is pleasant sounds circulating your romantic space is my setting up speakers around the yard. Ideally, these speakers have a rock-like, or some other camouflaged appearance, and are bluetooth connectable for ease of use during your romantic time with your partner.

There are endless ways in which you can transform your backyard space into a special place for you and your significant other. Determining the most important activities and aspects of romance for you and your partner will help you to know exactly the space you need. Once that’s done, a little hands-on and handy work here and there and your spot will be ready to wow the romantic hidden within both you and your partner.