Bar Creates Secret Shot To Help Women In Danger Or Even Just On A Bad Date

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Every bar needs this!

A bar in St. Petersburg, Florida called the Iberian Rooster came up with a drink called “angel shots.”

The idea is simple. If– for whatever reason– you need help escaping your date, just order an angel shot and the bartender will come to your aid.

In a day where so many women are targeted and put in un-safe situation while in public, this is one heck of a good idea. Maybe there is a creeper that won’t leave you alone, or a blind date showed up and it’s not the same person you had been talking with. Whatever the situation, if you don’t feel comfortable in this bar…there is help near by! 

A similar idea is implemented in England. A poster– created by a rape crisis support service– suggests women feeling uncomfortable “ask for Angela” in order to discreetly get help. These posters are posted in the women’s restroom in bars and restaurants.

This practice isn’t wide spread, but it should be. It would require staff to be aware and trained in dealing with what could potentially be a sketchy situation.