‘Barbie Feet’ Is The Newest Viral Trend To Hit Instagram

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That little plastic doll named ‘Barbie‘ has sure inspired a lot of strange things in her lifetime.

The newest trend set by Barbie…’Barbie Feet’. The trend, which involves standing on your tip toes or pointing your feet, was given its name by Who What Wear UK because of the way it resembles a Barbie doll’s feet.

Barbie feet Instagram trend


The idea behind Barbie feet is that it makes your legs look longer, therefore it has become a popular summertime trend with those wearing bathing suits.

As you can see below…people are really channeling their inner Barbie. 

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If you are going to give the pose a try, Yahoo Style UK warns that the pose isn’t for everyone — at least at first.

“Though some experienced ‘Barbie Feet’ posers are able to master the trick with both feet in imaginary heels, beginners wanting to try out the position should probably start with having just one foot in the pointed heel position,” the site advises, lest anyone trip over/hurt themselves while attempting “Barbie feet.”