Guy Bathed In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce And The Results Were Agonizing

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Youtube personality, Cemre Candar recently added “Bathing in Stuff!” to his repertoire. When he decided to submerge himself in 1250 bottles of hot sauce, it caught our attention.

If your mind immediately jumps to how much it must hurt down there you are not alone. It would appear to be very painful around the nether regions. Cemre’s attention shifts from butt to eyes once he submerges his head under the liquid. To put things in perspective.

Watching with your eyes closed is discouraged because it quite honestly sounds like a porno. However, watching on mute makes it just look like a crime scene.

For best effect, skip to the part right before he gets into the bath at about 0:45, this will get you right in to the action!


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