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So we have decided to have a little fun with the promotional aspect of our wonderfully awesome site,  We already provide fun, interesting stories daily and we wanted to try something a little different.  So here is what we want to do :

Share this post and let’s see how far it goes (we even included a random picture of a goat so there is something eye appealing about this post)


Follow us on Facebook – This is a must if you want to be part of this because we can’t tell if you shared the post if you don’t, plus…why wouldn’t you want to follow us? We are fun!

We will be giving away cash money to at least one person at random at the end of this experiment (April 14, 2015), (this is why it is also important to follow us because the person at random will be chosen from our followers who shared this post).  If the experiment goes well, we will more than likely add a few lucky random people to receive some cash as well!

So here is our thoughts for the social experiment (no this is NOT A scam, we simply want to give back to our fans, see how far this post can travel, and have some fun while doing it!)

Here is the breakdown of what we want to offer :

If this post reaches :

1,000 shares – Once we hit 1,000 shares the giveaway money kicks in at $50

5,000 shares – the ante goes up to $75

10,0000 shares – $150.00

50,000 shares – $250.00

100,000 shares – $500.00

250,000 + shares – $800.00

500,000 + shares – $1000.00

On April 14, 2015 at high noon we will choose the winner at random from our friends list.  The amount of money we give away all depends on how many shares this posts gets!

Let’s have some fun with this!  Thanks for being fans! You are totally Awesome Jelly!

Oh yea…plus we will give away some Awesome Jelly T’s at the end of this too!