14-Year-Old Hunter’s Close Encounter With Bear Cub Goes Viral

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bear cub encounter

While hunting in Alberta, Canada, fourteen-year-old Davin Grunrow got the shock of a lifetime!

Grunrow was sitting high up in a tree stand when a curious black bear cub decided to climb up the tree and check him out.

Family friend, Mark White captured the entire encounter on video.

 While most hunters would have freaked out if this would to happen to them, Grunrow kept his composure and rode out the experience like a pro.

Numerous videos like the one above have been circulating on social media, racking up well over 2 million views, collectively.

To make the situation even cooler – this was Grunrow’s first bear hunting expedition!

Something could have come terribly wrong here, but thankfully the curious bear was just that – curious.