Beat Boxing – Singing Street Performer Puts On One Of The Most Impressive Performances Ever!

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I can’t believe we have never heard of this guy before…but we are super glad we stumbled across him.

He goes by the name Dub FX and he is one of the most talented beat boxing singers you will ever see or hear.

In the video below, Dub FX is performing on the streets along side his girlfriend, who is casually selling his CD’s of course! FX starts out by recording a beat boxing beat and then overlaying that beat with multiple other beats and sounds effects. As the finish product is looping, FX starts singing and it will give you chills. Not the winner of American Idol type chills, but chills because he sounds like natural rock star.

Is it me, or does Dub FX sound insanely like Bradley Nowell, former singer of Sublime?

If you are into music, or just love a good show and can appreciate raw talent…check out the video below. It doesn’t disappoint.

Dub FX is performing his original song ‘Love Someone’.