This ‘Beer Golf’ Game Combines Beer Pong And Putting For Only $100

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Drinking games have been a around for a long time and are enjoyed by many. From the classic game of ‘beer pong’ to the exciting game of ‘flip cup’, if played responsibly, these games can be a real blast!

Now there is a new drinking game hitting the scene and it allows you to be outside and combine the game of golf with beer pong.

Wayfair is selling Beer Pong Golf! Your ability to putt while tipsy is going to be put to the test. There is even a chipping mat and ten different slots to fit your Solo cups. While these sets also come with six golf balls, you are going to have to provide your own golf club.

The game doesn’t have to be a ‘drinking’ game either, kids can play it too! They can play tic tac toe or just practice putting while competing on who can sink the most balls!

If you do play it as a drinking game, the rules are simple:

If your opponent sinks a putt into one of your cups, you are going to have to drink, and vice versa.

Beer Pong Golf is available for only $99.99. These sets typically retail for $135, so you will want to jump on this deal while you still can.