Behold, The Lay Back Office Chair For Taking A Quick Snooze At Work!

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If you need a new office chair at work, you might want to sneak-ally recommend this model of chair to your boss!

Napping at work is actually something that is encouraged in many parts of the world, in America…not so much.

In Greece, the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nigeria—naps are seamlessly just a part of everyday life. Taking taking a midday sleep increases productivity for the remainder of the work day.

This Japanese company has made an office chair that allows you to lay completely flat for you to take a nice and comfortable nap at work.  This super cool chair has an extendable leg rest and the back of the seat goes all the way down. The price is $271.00, but you will have to navigate through the Japanese language on the website to purchase. Or…just right click and select ‘translate to English’. There, fixed! 

The Japanese even have a word for strategically sleeping on the job: “inemuri,” roughly translated to “sleeping while present.”

So again, this is totally something you might want to mention to your boss!

Watch the chair in action…