Benefits of Using A Coffee Maker With An Integrated Grinder

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A perfect cup of coffee is all a man needs to start his day energetically. Daily doses of caffeine come in different forms. Espresso, french press or cold brew, whatever type of coffee you are making, the taste depends on what kind of coffee you are using. Life has become so busy nowadays, getting a mug of coffee from Starbucks on the way to work has become a habit. But this doesn’t have to be the only way. Being active doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the quality of your coffee. You can enjoy a rich-flavored, freshly ground coffee by owning a coffee maker with an integrated grinder.

These grind and brew coffee makers will make your coffee so much more enjoyable.

Before describing the benefits of grind and brew coffee makers, let’s see why you should grind your own coffee beans.

Pre-ground coffee is convenient. Sure, you can use a regular inexpensive coffee maker and make a regular cup of coffee. But it’ll cost you more than just money. So, what’s wrong with the store-bought ground coffee? Let’s see what you can additionally get with just one extra step, grinding your own coffee.

  1. Gives better flavor: According to The New York Times, it’s a common saying among baristas that pre-ground is pre-staled. Coffee gives its full flavor when it is ground just before brewing. The longer it takes to brew after being dropped, the more flavor it loses. You don’t know how long the ground coffee has been sitting on the store shelf. So, there’s a fair chance that your coffee could taste bitter and stale. Buying whole beans would decrease the chance of getting you stale coffee.
  2. Ensures quality: Giving you a bag of ground coffee, markets, or coffee shops are not really doing you any favors. It is relatively accurate that their grinders are not cleaned regularly. So there’s a chance that your coffee will contain traces of what went through the grinder earlier. Also, ground coffee can only be fresh in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. But, whole coffee beans can be fresh for a much more extended time. So, buying entire roasted coffee beans and grinding just before brewing will ensure a better quality of your coffee.
  3. Allows to customize according to brewing method: Ground coffee doesn’t give you many options for different brewing methods. Ground coffees usually come with a single grind size. But other brewing methods require different grind sizes. For example, Turkish coffee requires very fine-sized grind, Espresso, and Auto drip requires fair-sized, French pressed requires coarse sized grind for brewing coffee to perfection. Grind size is essential for brewing. You would need a coarse sized grind for making the best french pressed coffee. But if you use a fine-sized grind for it, it may clog the metal filter and give the coffee a bitter taste. So, a grinder will provide you with the freedom to choose the grind size.

So, it is established that grinding whole coffee beans is a far superior option for a coffee lover. But why would you buy a relatively expensive coffee maker with a grinder instead of buying a separate grinder, which is relatively cheaper? Don’t worry. Your investment would be worth it because of these advantages :

  • Convenience is the most significant advantage anyone can get. Time is money, and this grind and brew coffee maker would save your time without compromising with the quality of your favorite coffee. It spares you from the hassle of grinding the coffee beans separately and then putting them for brewing in another machine.
  • According to Forbes, many grind and brew coffee makers come with programmable brewing options. This controllable brew-strength option makes these an excellent brewing machine with an additional feature of the grinder.
  • It saves your kitchen space along with time. It would be time-consuming to clean different machines, both grinders and coffee makers. It would also take more kitchen storage space to keep two different devices. Although an integrated grinder makes the coffee maker a little bulkier, it still consumes less space than a separated grinder and coffee maker.
  • It saves money compared to the quality product it gives. Buying a high quality burred grinder and a coffee maker compatible with that ground coffee is costly compared to purchasing a coffee maker with a built-in grinder. So, together, it’s less expensive.
  • It saves electricity compared to using a separate grinder. That makes it even cost-friendly.
  • If you buy a good quality coffee maker with a grinder, it will give you durability. Because the best quality models of these usually come with warranty and guarantee.
  • It would be beneficial if you purchase it with the burr grind. This grinder can change the distance between burrs to adjust the size of the ground. So grind and brew coffee maker with a burr grinder can bring your coffee experience to a whole new level.

As coffee is a go-to beverage in everyday life, ensuring a high-quality coffee would bring you immense satisfaction. When you need to recharge yourself with your caffeine dose, A stale coffee cup will ruin your stamina. 60% of the natural aroma of the coffee bean disappears after 15 minutes of being grounded. When coffee is dropped and exposed to air, it increases oxidation and bland the flavor.

So, investing a small fortune on the thing that’ll give you satisfaction in your everyday life is worth it. Buying a good coffee maker with an integrated grinder from a trusted brand would spare you from many hassles and help you discover the flavourful world.