Benefits Of Using Real-Time Screen Recorder Software

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Surveillance is incomplete without a real-time screen recorder software. Every multinational company uses one to keep track of all the internet activities of its employees. There are software that can only detect online devices but there are some that can detect offline devices as well. There are many different screen recorder software available on the internet these days. Some of which are free of cost, while some require paid subscriptions for full feature access. Let us learn more about these screen recorder softwares today.

The need for real-time screen recorder software in IT Company

  • IT companies have lots of staff who bring their laptops to work. That is why for an effective real-time screen recorder software, it must be compatible with multiple operating systems. If you want to monitor your employee’s activity in an IT company, you must install a real-time screen recorder software that can control the online activities of your staff.
  • This software prevents your business from data leaks and fraudulent activities. It is sometimes seen that employees exchange their offices’ essential documents to competitors in exchange for money. To stop these illegal online activities, one must protect their data from any leaks inside the office itself. The best way to prevent a business from data leaks is to install a real-time screen recorder software on the staff’s computers.
  • In some customer care helpdesks where millions of customer’s details are stored, there is a high risk of online thefts and data hacking. This can be prevented if you monitor the activities on each computer inside the office using real-time screen recorder software.

Here is a list of the best real-time screen recorder software that you can try:

  • Bandi Cam: This real-time screen recorder software is an online monitoring tool that can effectively monitor online activities and create a video at the same time. It can be used for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • OBS studio: It is also known as open broadcast software that offers both recording and streaming at the same time. This software can also allow you to choose the part of the screen you want to capture.
  • APowersoft Unlimited: This real-time screen recorder software is compatible with all devices like Windows, Mac, and Android. It is a paid tool and is effective for monitoring the online activities of employees on mobile as well as desktops or laptops.
  • ACE Thinker: This software is useful for those online teachers who want to upload their video lectures by capturing the onscreen presentation on their laptop or desktop. You might not get all the features in the free version, but if you go for the paid subscription, you will be able to use all recording features of the software.
  • Screen Castify: It is a screen recording application that works using the Google Chrome browser. It is an extension that makes a video of the on-screen activity for effective monitoring.