Best Camping Experiences In The UK

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Imagine this. The leaves are rustling gently in the wind. You look up and see the beautiful night sky with its twinkling stars. You breathe in, the air is clean and fresh. There’s no noisy honking cars or bright city lights. You feel peaceful and happy. Isn’t this a perfect dream? Well, look no further because we’re about to tell you about the best campsites in the UK where the aforementioned scenario can come true! 

From luxurious camping options to basic camps to unique experiences, we’ve got them all noted down for you here: So, get out your sleeping bags and tents! Let’s go on an environmentally-friendly and cheap adventure!

Plush Tents Glamping

Chichester, West Sussex, England, PO18 9AW. 

The idea of an escape from the bustle of city life appeals to you. But, the idea of camping disgusts you because you’re picturing uncomfortable sleeping bags, cramped tents and using nature as your bathroom. Well, with Plush Tents Glamping, you get all the peace and serenity you desire whilst living it up in luxurious camping facilities. During the low season, you can expect to sleep in gorgeous hand-carved wooden beds with comfortable mattresses and Egyptian cotton bedding for only £110 a night. Each plush tent also includes a wood-burning stove for warmth. This campsite also has hot showers and flushing toilets for use. In short, you get all the boons of camping but none of the banes. 

Cornish Tipi Holidays 

Bodmin, Cornwall, England, PL30 3LW. 

This beautiful camping spot is located in a secret woodland valley in Cornwall. You can choose to rent a beautiful North American tipi for your stay (£160 for 2 nights) or bring your own tent for some wild camping (£18 per adult per night). Both options allow for you to stay either in their open meadows with everyone else or in tiny private, secluded spots. Whatever choice you make, beautiful scenery and activities will await you. This location has a wondrous lake where you can fish, swim, and canoe. If these options don’t appeal, you can always relax by the edge of the lake with a picnic basket. At the day’s end, the true camping experience will begin as fire pits are lit and marshmallows can be toasted. All this can be enjoyed along with the beautiful starry night.