Science Says You And Your Best Friend Really Do Share The Same Brain

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best friends think alike

Ever wonder why you and your bestie always seem to be on the same wave length? Always liking the same things and wanted to do similar stuff together. Well, there may be an explanation for all of that. You might be inside one another’s brains in more ways than one!

A group of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles and Dartmouth College went in search of finding out what friends brains have in common.

A classroom of students were told to name a friend that they have in the class and then had their brain activity recorded as they watched videos on some pretty random subjects.

Normally when you get to know someone, you ask a ton of random, fun questions. Well that is pretty much what this study is, in a way.

The study asked people what their opinions are on baby sloths. They had them watch the same music video from the band Kodaline (seen below) and asked them how they felt about wet towels being wrung out in space. Random right? Totally!

While the participants responded to all the random questions and videos thrown at them, their brain waves were recorded and compared to their best friends. Well, surprise – surprise, individuals brainwaves were nearly identical to those of their best friends.