Best List Of Adjectives That Start With S You Must Learn

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The letter S is very popular in the English language and there are hundreds of adjectives that begin with S. It is so widely used that S is among the letters provided to candidates for the final challenge in the television video game show Wheel of Fortune (together with R, T, L, N, as well as E).

We compiled the world’s best list of adjectives that start with S for you. Every one of these S adjectives was meticulously picked to be included here because the letter S is so typical and there are numerous adjectives beginning with S, so we didn’t want this list to be frustrating. Therefore, we have included words that you will discover to be useful and also omitted rare and unused words. We wish to imply that this list will certainly be useful to you.

  1. Sad – unhappy, sorrowful; substandard
  2. Safe – protected from harm or danger
  3. Sage – showing or having profound wisdom or judgment; wise
  4. Sarcastic – mocking or conveying contempt via the use of irony
  5. Sleek – glossy and smooth
  6. Sexy characterized by or tending to arouse sexual interest or desire; beautiful
  7. Sleepy – tired, in need of sleep
  8. Salient – prominent; conspicuous; jumping; springing; projecting or pointing outwards
  9. Saving – rescuing; preserving; frugal
  10. Smart – intelligence; possessing quick-wit
  11. Simple – easy; plain; straightforward; direct; innocent; humble
  12. Satisfactory – producing or giving satisfaction; adequate; sufficient
  13. Sassy – impudent; lively
  14. Scholarly of or pertaining to a scholar
  15. Saucy – bold, flippant; covered with a lot of sauce
  16. Sexual – of or pertaining to sex; capable of sexual reproduction; symbolizing or implying erotic activity or desires
  17. Special – out of the ordinary; different from what is usual
  18. Skillful – showing or having skill; talented
  19. Scientific of or pertaining to science; methodical; systematic; precise
  20. Satisfied – filled with satisfaction, pleasure or enjoyment
  21. Strong – powerful; forceful, moving with force
  22. Smooth – having a fine texture or quality; calm; having a pleasant flavor; lacking difficulties
  23. Self-disciplined be in control of one’s own actions and abilities
  24. Social – spent in, enjoy or marked by friendly companionship or relations; sociable
  25. Sweet – flavor that tastes like sugar; pleasing or delightful
  26. Seamless – smooth; perfectly coherent and consistent; moving easily
  27. Sacred – worthy of respect or veneration (especially religious)
  28. Spirited – energetic, enthusiastic
  29. Seasonal – being used or occurring in a specific season
  30. Sensible appreciable; easily or readily perceived; aware intellectually or intuitively
  31. Silver – bright, resplendent and white; precious; melodious, clear and gentle (especially sound); eloquent
  32. Selfless – unselfish; doing what benefits others rather than oneself
  33. Sharp – having a sharp point; experiencing a piercing sensation
  34. Shiny – smooth, glossy surface; bright
  35. Self-confident confident of one’s own ability, strength or powers
  36. Satisfactory – producing or giving satisfaction; adequate; sufficient
  37. Stylish – current in style, dress, manner
  38. Super – excellent, above and beyond what would be expected
  39. Speedy – quick-moving, taking place or occurring very fast
  40. Shy – timid, quiet, nervous
  41. Sharp having clear detail and form; intellectually keen; exact; precise; intense; attractive or stylish
  42. Sincere – honest, genuine
  43. Singular – only one; exceptional in a way unmatched by others
  44. Skinny – very thin, slim, bony
  45. Significant meaningful; important
  46. Spacious – large area; having plenty of space or room
  47. Stunning – extremely attractive; very impressive or surprising
  48. Self-assured showing or having confidence and poise; self-reliant
  49. Settled established; fixed; steadfast; stable; resolved; decided
  50. Smiling – smiling with optimism or happiness

Using adjectives that start with S can help you explain anything and everything in your mind. From favorable to unfavorable, to describing a person, place or point, you will certainly find so many detailed words that start with S for you to use in text, when paying a compliment, creating a social media blog post, a thanks or greeting card, during a meeting, in an e-mail or in any other situation you can imagine.

Wondering where the letter S originated from? It dates back to old Egyptian hieroglyph illustrations of a sword. The old Egyptians used the S a whole lot. At one time, they had 9 various signs that represented numerous variations of an S or “sh” sound! It is fortunate that, when the Phoenicians began to establish the modern alphabet from which our alphabet is obtained, they went down with most of those illustrations and sounds and also developed one primary version of the letter S.

The old Greeks as well as Romans made a few more changes, with more to comply with. Also in the English alphabet, the letter S went through a modification. In the 17th century, a letter that resembled a lowercase “f” in fact stood for the S sound. Finally, though, after struggles, the 19th letter in the English alphabet, was taken on, and what an incredible letter it is.

What a superb and sumptuous accomplishment you’ve made by getting to the end of this list of adjectives that start with S! Were you able to discover the perfect adjectives to express what was in your mind? We sure wish so. It’s obvious from this list that there are many excellent adjectives starting with S that you could utilize to better describe anything on the planet. Whether you came right here in search of some S adjectives to define an individual positively, required to find just the ideal S adjective for a poem, are playing a word game or more, it is our pleasure that you found exactly what you are looking for.