Best Place to Pan for Gold in the US 2019

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Do you love to travel often? What if it adds a bit more to your income and saves your travel cost? Would you prefer that? Who wouldn’t, right? Does it seem unbelievable? I don’t think so. You can become rich in no time, in a country like the United States.

A profession like gold hunting can surprise you anytime. To be surprised, pick up your metal detector. Also, select the best place to pan for gold in the US. Are you still guessing about what can be the best place for gold? Let’s see.

Best places to Pan for Gold in the US


Once you obtain a metal detector, the first thing you can do is search for gold or metals near your home. It can be your garden, a park, a beachside or, any place that you feel comfortable.

But the place you intend to search, it should be allowed for such activity. Furthermore, do not forget to get permission from authorities before you start hunting.

I am going to recommend some of the best places to visit for gold hunting in the US. These are authorized places where you can enjoy some quality time with your family. Also, load your pocket with gold.

1. Alabama Gold Camp

Hunting for gold in Alabama Gold Camp may not shift your fortune overnight. But it is an excellent practice ground for beginners. They have implemented on-site WIFI and supply washers and driers for your help.

It’s a campsite beside a hunting ground. Whether you are a camper or non-camper, the authorities will allow you to come and check for precious metals.

There is good news for treasure hunters. People find elements like fossils, red garnet, citrine, and Indian artifacts. It’s not just a good place for gold prospecting but also excellent to pass time with your family.

2. Consolidated Gold Mine

The Consolidated Gold Mine was one of the best places for mining gold. This area is a part of Northern Georgia in which a small gold rush took place. It is a great place for touring and gold panning.

Would you like to go to an underground mine tour? You can do that here along with your friends or other family members.

The administration offers everything you need for gold panning, along with instructors. You can also find elements like gemstones, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, moonstone, garnets and more.

You can turn your gems into amazing jewelry in the Gem Studio. Also, you can buy souvenirs and different items from the gift store.

3. Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

The Historic State Park is named after James W. Marshall. He discovered gold for the first time in 1948 on a tail race near his sawmill in California. His discovery just changed the fate of the nation’s history.

You can pan for gold in the American river and be amazed by the statue of James Marshall. In addition, experience hiking with your friends. Furthermore, enjoy doing a picnic with your family.

Take part in various exhibitions like gold panning training, tours, or any special events. However, to look back at history once more, you can visit the museum. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm seven days a week.

4. Alta Ranch

The Alta Ranch is not less than a heaven for travelers. Sometimes, I think there is nothing that this place doesn’t offer. It is full of entertainment opportunities.

Surrounded by Bitterroot National Forest the ranch has 1600 miles of hiking trails. The painted Rocks lake is just two miles away. You can take part in boating, swimming, skiing, and jet skiing out there.

Horseback trail riding with local guides is an amazing option you should try. Reserve a cabin at least for 3 days and enjoy the natural beauty of Montana with your family. In the middle of your journey, pan for some gold and you may fill your pocket with money.

5. Crow Creek Gold Mine

Established in 1896 in Alaska, this gold mine can still offer gold for its visitors. However, you need to be patient for that.

If finding gold is your first priority, get a special “Privately Guided Mining Excursion” offered by gold mine authority. It may allow you to gain access to their highly rich property with gold and you may hope to find as much gold as possible. They allow very few people in these areas.

They will let you do metal detecting at a cost of $25 per day. In that case, you must bring your own metal detector. On the other hand, Gold Panners will get all the necessary equipment.

However, like many other campsites, people participate in tours and do different activities in groups here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I find gold in a place where people have searched earlier?

Ans: Yes, with a good metal detector and patience, it is possible to find gold from such a place.

Which is the Best Metal detector for underwater?

Ans:   Excalibur II 1000 is the best Minelab metal detector for underwater.



A full-time gold detector can earn a hefty amount of money while he is at home or traveling. With one of the best Minelab Metal detectors and a hunting mind, you can start your journey today. Which one of my recommended best places to pan for gold in the US is going to be your next destination? Don’t forget to mention the name in the comments section. Even if you have another place in mind, put that too. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.