BEST PRANK | Guy Tricks His Friend Into Thinking He Made A Half-Court Shot For $500,000!

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This prank is quite a few years old, but it is still one of the best pranks ever! 

This video surely preceded the millions of hours worth of prank videos on the web today and it is simply epic.  

One guy named ‘Streeter’ from decided to get a little revenge on his coworker and good friend. While the two were attending a college basketball game, Streeter had his buddy approached by the officials, saying he was selected to throw a half court shot, blindfolded at halftime. If he makes it…he wins $500,000!

While the victim was in a back office of the stadium signing ‘paperwork’ just in case he does ‘win’ the money…Streeter was addressing the crowd. He advised the crowd to cheer as loud as they could, no matter if he makes the half court shot or not.

The prank went off without a hitch! Check it out below! 

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