Best Wedding Looks For 2018 And 2019

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As this year’s Bridal Week has already come to a close, the most inevitable happens right now: has to cull all the super wonderful bridal looks down to just 5 most beautiful ones, which is pretty like trying to single out just one Rihanna’s best song or decide which one is the most favorite among your kids or something.

So, just like last time, we have joined forces with some prominent designers and fashion experts in order to tackle this formidable task of making our way through all these gowns, mini-dresses, various pants and shorts, all sorts of ensembles and bedazzled capes. What a teamwork! So, behold: here goes the list of 5 top wedding looks for 2018-19!



All the boldest brides, be ready to meet your ideal reception look: This astonishing Francesca Miranda pantsuit makes such an ultimate mix of both feminine and masculine. The luxurious floral embroidered bodice genuinely gives you that romantic flair and certainly makes a major statement, while, at the same time, the skinny pants tote definitely menswear-inspired kind of feel making for a quite interesting contrast. Personally speaking, we especially love the way the top of the lace bodice appears to be absolutely strapless — it actually makes the whole look so comfortable for dancing!


Lela Rose Bridal Fall 2018

Widely known and respected for the clean and classic silhouettes, this time Lela Rose went just a little bit Bohemian having poured on all the fun moments with this truly springy look. With a tea-length figure, tiered up fringe, and geometric lace, we simply can’t help but marvel looking at this stunning wedding dress. In person, the fringe is pretty fun and feels swingy, calling for a merry summer dance party.



Wistful and just entirely unexpected, this was probably our most favorite look from Monique Lhuillier’s newest wedding apparel collection. Having experienced quite a few changes from the heavily embellished gown, this absolutely gorgeous wedding dress showcases a completely fresh feminine approach to looking minimal yet sumptuous. The dress itself certainly inspires that Victorian feel, however, at the same time, Monique Lhuillier also successfully manages to keep the whole image entirely current and modern.



Absolutely nostalgic and, of course, unmistakably bridal, the latest collection was a true love letter to legendary Amsale Aberra who, unfortunately, passed away shortly before its thunderous debut. This very look does feel like a pretty modern take on one of Amsale Aberra’s original, clean-and-sleek 1990s dresses. We definitely love the square neckline and the skirt with a little hint of floral applique job — they are both sweet and sentimental, indeed contributing to that kind of wedding vibe you have been searching for.



At this year’s Viktor & Rolf Marriage collection presentation, an all-friendly debate used to take place over whether to belt or not belt this sheer dream of a subtle crystal-flecked and lily-embroidered tulle sheath. In fact, we are an unequivocal “no belt” team for a more magical and ethereal feel — and the guaranteed level of comfort that would be a pleasant added bonus.