The Best And Worst Ads Of Super Bowl XLIX (49)!

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It appears that the advertising world has forgotten how to create an epic comical commercial ad to be featured during the Super Bowl.  For many, the Super Bowl isn’t just about football, it is also about tuning in to view those awesome comical commercials that we all discuss the following day at the water cooler.   It appeared that advertisers felt that appealing to one’s sensitive side was best this year. Here are some of the best and worst of the 2015 Super Bowl.

Snicker Commercial was classic and great!  I’m sure this one is being talked about today!

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Victoria Secret kept it sexy per usual…just about the only ad to do so this year!


Coca-Cola played it safe this year in an attempt to heal the online world of hate and fill it with love.


BMW’s commercial was decent in regards to comedy but probably won’t be one that is remembered for very long…although the car that was featured was pretty freakin’ cool!


Nationwide’s commercial decided to pull at your heart strings and talk about how they will protect your child from accidents that could lead to death. A rather morbid take on advertising during the Super Bowl


Loctite Glue probably had one of the better more comical commercials and one that will more than likely increase sales in the glue world!


T-Mobile ran two commercials during the Super Bowl, this one with Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler surely made us smile…the other one however…featuring Kim K….not so much.


By our account, there are about 16 different characters played by Nick Offerman in this NASCAR commercial that immediately followed the Super Bowl. If Ron Swanson isn’t driving at least three cars in the next race, I will be reporting NASCAR to the FTC for false advertising.


Nothing says “I want you to buy my car” like giving large swaths of the American population a heart attack by faking a lost signal at the start of the game…Thank you Chevrolet


Credit to Wired’s Kyle Vanhemert, who noticed the vast graphical improvements between last night’s Jurassic World teaser and the debut trailer. “It’s a fascinating glimpse into modern day moviemaking,” he writes, “hidden in plain sight.” Agreed!


FURIOUS 7  Commercial is intense…and that is all…just intense