‘Big Brother’ Star JC Mounduix Accused of Sexually Harassing Costars On Live Feed

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Big Brother contestant JC Mounduix

If you are a Big Brother fan, you may have seen this coming.

Big Brother contestant JC Mounduix was on the radar Tuesday, July 2, after a live feed video appeared to show him sexually harassing his female and male costars.

The 28-year-old was seen on camera chasing house-guests around with an ice cream scooper and attempting to place it on their private regions.

He told housemate Kaycee Clark to “open up your vagina” because “it feels good” as she told him “no.” He also targetedKaitlyn Herman and tried to place the metal kitchen device under her blanket.

Talk about crossing the line and super creepy.

Big Brother 20

JC also crossed the line with house-guest Tyler Crispen was when he was seen on the live feed cupping his genitals over his pants as Crispen was getting a massage.

Fans of the hit show are outraged that JC has not been removed from the Big Brother house yet for his inappropriate acts.


— Precision Paws (@PresicionPaws) July 2, 2018

Big Brother fans took to Twitter to call Mounduix out and ask why Big Brother producers are not doing anything about it.

“#BB20 with video evidence of his inappropriate touching of females, how have producers not removed JC from the house/game? I don’t think [entertainment value] excuses his inappropriate touching of the female HG’s. If any other male HG was on video doing the same thing they would have already been booted,” one user noted.

Another added: “I don’t know if you’ve been watching the feeds but JC has been touching house guests inappropriately and production isn’t doing anything. Weren’t there any rules on that? It’s disgusting to watch.”