Big Red 2-Ton Cement Target Ball Rolls Through Target Parking Lot

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You know those big red cement balls that sit outside of the front doors of Target? If you have ever wondered what would happen if those balls got loose and started to roll away…you are in luck.

Video out of Paramus, New Jersey shows just that. The massive 2-ton cement ball is nudged by a pickup truck and that is all it took to send the ball rolling out of control.

The ball rolls away and slams right into the side of a moving car. After that…the ball continues to roll towards a parked car…but a strong pedestrian intervened and stopped the ball from rolling.

The woman who’s car was damaged by the ball is looking for Target to pay for the damages. What do you think? Is it Target’s responsibility to pay for the damage? The woman claims the damage is roughly $3,500.

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