Man Collects 15,000 Toys From ‘Claw Machine’ In One Year…Donates Them To Sick Children!

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Now this is a miracle man! Not just because of his incredible acts of kindness…but the fact that he was able to get 15,000 toys out of a claw machine…that is a miracle all on its own! 

The 35-year-old man from China won 15,000 stuffed animals from “claw” machines last year alone.

big win claw machine

Chen Zhitong’s unique talent has drawn the ire of some business owners who operate the machines and fear his skill set.

In a YouTube interview from Great Big Story, Zhitong says in translation, “When I play the toy claw machine, the owners are not happy. Some buy me meals and beg me not to play their machines.”

Zhitong has a complete system on how to play and beat the claw machine games. 

  • One: The claw’s holding capacity. He says the claw needs to grip the toys tightly.
  •  Two: The angle of claw rotation.
  • Three: Thelayout of the animals in the machine.

“Last year I donated about 1,000 toys to schools for the deaf and the blind,” he says. “Those kids were thrilled and I was happy, too.”


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