Video Shows ‘Bigfoot’ Type Creature Walking Upright Under Waterfall

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I don’t know if you believe in Bigfoot or not…but this video surely shows something massive, alive and walking upright under a waterfall.

The video was shot in Indonesia and it is surely creepy!

There are Bigfoot sighting all over the world, many are hoaxes, but some are simply not explainable. I had a personal experience once that was extremely sketchy!

A few years back I was hiking in the Maine woods near a remote river. There wasn’t a house or person around for miles. I stopped to take a break and enjoy the scenery a bit when I heard a loud splash about 20 yards away from where I was sitting. When I looked over, I saw the rippling of the water and massive rock flying into the water. I stood up, chills took over my body and I watched as roughly 10 rocks were hurled into the water. I took this as a sign that someone, or something didn’t want me around. I left in a hurry! I can’t be certain as to what or who was throwing the rocks…but they were being tossed extremely far and they were the size of basketballs! I never went back there. 

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The video is taken from a far distance away, but we have found the original video, plus a zoomed in version of the original clip. Take a look below. What do you think it is?

Original Video

Zoomed In Version


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