Man Writes One Of The Biggest Personal Checks Ever Written. Ex-Wife Wouldn’t Cash It.

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It’s not everyday that a check is written and the amount is so big that it won’t fit on the check’s standard line. It also not often that a check is written this big and it won’t bounce! 

One of the largest personal checks was written from one man to his ex-wife and she wouldn’t cash it because she felt it was too small. 

Billionaire oilman Harold Hamm wrote the check, for exactly $974,790,317.77, to settle a divorce with his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall, according to a Reuters report. Even more surprising, Arnall initially refused to cash the astoundingly large, hand-written check because it was too small.

biggest personal check written

Arnall, an economist, lawyer and former executive for Continental Resources, the oil company that made Hamm his billions, had appealed the amount of the settlement, arguing it wasn’t enough given Hamm’s enormous wealth. Hamm is worth more than $20 billion, according to the report, and the couple was married for 26 years, the time in which Hamm built most of his fortune, and have two children together.

Arnall eventually cashed the check, according to a report from CNN Money. One can only imagine what the reaction was at the bank that cashed it.

Could you imagine!!!