Bikers Ride To The Rescue Of Abused Kids And Their Mothers

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When I first read about the biker group B.A.C.A, Bikers Against Child Abuse, I was truly inspired and blown away. The motorcycle group is made up of some of the most caring individuals around. Across the country there are thousands of men and woman part of the B.A.C.A. organization with many chapters in different states.

The goal of B.A.C.A. is to protect children and their mothers from abuse. The bikers make sure that the victims of child abuse or domestic abuse feel safe, they offer protection, 24/7.

If a child is afraid to go to sleep, the bikers will sit outside their home until they fall asleep. If a child is scared to go to school, they will escort them to school or even give them rides. The list goes on in regards to what the members of B.A.C.A. will do to ensure the safety of the ones they protect. This is truly an amazing group of individuals. Such an amazing story.

Source : Youtube