Bill Gates Took The Time To Answer A Tech Support Call In 1989…And It Was Awesome!

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Bill Gates pretty much invented ‘Undercover Boss’ in addition to Microsoft. 

In a recent Microsoft blog post, a story was told about Bill Gates himself answering a Tech Support call while touring his companies call center back in 1989. 

In 1989, Microsoft was a massive entity, with over $800 million in sales and 4,000 employees. So, Bill was way past the days of answering tech support calls for his company. 

For comparison, Bill Gates himself is worth $85.7 BILLION as of 2017. Bill could spend roughly $11 million every single day for the next 20-years until he would be broke. Ugh. 

According to a blog post about the day, he simply asked one of the people manning the phones, “Mind if I take this call?”

He put on the headset and answered the phone, only identifying himself as “William.” He talked to the customer, searched for the answer and walked them through fixing the problem. The customer was pleased with the service and “William” ended the call with, “And thank you for using Microsoft products.”

The best part? The customer had no idea who they actually spoke to.

Most of the staff were on their lunch break during the call, but something like that doesn’t go unnoticed and word spread quickly about “that time Bill took a product support call.” Later, the same customer called back with a follow-up question. This time, he asked directly for William, saying he “straightened it all out.”

The customer support engineer looked at the call log only to see “billg” as the person who handled the call. When that engineer told the caller who took his call, his reaction was pretty much what you’d expect—“Oh my God.”

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