Artist Creates Photo Series Titled ‘Bill Murray Birds’ And It’s Just As Strangely Awesome As Bill Murray Himself!

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Artist Erin Cheyne recently released a new photo series titled ‘Bill Murray Birds’. As if Bill Murray wasn’t already strange enough (strange in the most awesome form of the word of course), his strangeness is taken to the next level in this interesting photo series.

Erin is very well known in the world of art and music. Her ability to blend subject matters in an attractive way is beyond awesome!

Why do I feel a new animated series or new App titled ‘Bill Murray Birds’ is on the way?

1. Bill Murray as an Owl.


2. Bill Murray as a Blue Bird


3. Bill Murray as a Seagull.


4. Bill Murray as a Penguin


5. Bill Murray as a Baby Chick


6. Bill Murray as a Hawk



You can dive deeper into the mind of artist Erin HERE

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