Billionaires Unloaded These 24 Stocks In Q2

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Investors have found themselves reeling after the past few months, as indices took a veritable nosedive in February and March only to soar above record levels from June to August. The market is no longer playing by the established rules, despite the cyclical nature of securities and trades.
One group in particular however has shown great gains from the market turnaround, specifically the hallowed pantheon of American billionaires. The third week of August saw Tesla CEO’s star child Elon Musk’s net worth grow by a tidy $15 Billion over a mere five days of trading. Of the ten billionaires with the largest increases in worth over that period grew $53.4 Billion richer — and seven of those ten were American.
The wealth of hedge fund operators and investment management firms grew significantly in this period as well, thanks to timely alterations made to their portfolios. No matter what they did, such as taking profits, cutting losses, trimming stakes, or leaving sinking ships — the world’s top investors continue to show remarkable foresight as well as insight into the markets they are intimately familiar with.
What follows are 25 stocks this upper echelon of traders has sold over the past few months. Prices are as of 26 August 2020, and data is courtesy of S&P Global Market Intelligence,, and regulatory findings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At least one billionaire has dumped anywhere from 10% to their entire holdings investment in the stocks listed here.