Birthday Kid Is The Luckiest Price Is Right Contestant Ever!

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This kid rolled up to the Price Is Right on his birthday and absolutely dominated the entire show!

This article does have spoilers, so if you just want to watch the video below and be completely mind blown, we don’t blame you for not reading below the video first!

It all started when Taylor made it the stage after coming closest to the price of a new moped. Once he hit the stage, he was unstoppable.

Taylor played the game Lucky $even, with the prize being a brand new yellow Mustang. The point of the game is to guess the individual numbers in the price and get as close as you can. You are given $7 to start the game and every time you get a number wrong, you must give back a $1 for each number you are off – you must have $1 left to win the prize.

Taylor blew through $5 on the very first number…the next number…he lost $1. That means he had to guess the last two numbers exactly right in order to win. And of course – that lucky S.O.B did just that.

So with a scooter and Mustang under his belt, this dude went on to spin the big wheel. Dude lands it perfectly on $1.00 and earns himself a spot in the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show, $1,000 and a second spin. On the second spin, if he lands it on the $1.00 again – he gets another $25,000. Well guess what friends…he did just that. Taylor did some crazy jump up and ride the wheel spin and it landed back on the $1.00.

Showcase Showdown time – another car is presented to Taylor…a trip and some other shit…in the end…Taylor obviously beat out his opponent as they went over the actual retail price by just $400. Dude cleaned house!

Rock on Taylor!