Black Friday on AliExpress: When Does It Start in 2019?

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November has started, and all experienced shoppers are getting ready for the craziest and the most lucrative event this fall – the Black Friday sale. Though it has always been an American tradition of preparing for the Christmas holidays, witty retailers have borrowed the event to boost their sales as well, AliExpress included. So, you may already arrange for the international package tracking of your long-desired item – you’re days away from its purchase with a mind-cracking discount (that may reach up to 50%!).

Why Is Black Friday So Popular? 

It’s probably useless to speak about this sale again and again as every self-respecting shopper knows what it means – huge, huge discounts. It’s a once-a-year chance to get the item you wanted to buy with a 20%, 30%, or even 50% discount – on no terms, just cheaper than usual.
That’s why millions of shoppers worldwide adore this day, and that’s why AliExpress also embraced the tradition and announces 24 hours of tremendous discounts coming on November 29. The platform has gained global popularity for selling cheap and quality goods of Chinese manufacturers while on Black Friday, they will get even cheaper!

What Can You Expect from BF on AliExpress? 

First, it’s critical to keep in mind that Black Friday is not the only grand sale of this merchant. Before the BF fun, you may get many discounted products during the International Shopping Day, November 11. The grand Friday sale is scheduled from 11 a.m. on November 29 till 10:59 a.m. on November 30.
So, what items to look for on AliExpress to save really much? This year, the product categories from which you may choose the discounted goods include home appliances and electronics, smartphones and accessories, male and female clothing, shoes, accessories, home and garden products, cosmetics, body care, and so much more.
Here are some tips from pro buyers that will help you to save money instead of spending the same amount, if not more, on seemingly discounted products:
  • Check the item’s price history. It’s possible that the merchant raised the price, especially for the Black Friday sale, and reduced it by the grand 30-50%, which in fact is a tiny 5-10% discount from its original price.
  • Check the shipping fees. While many merchants offer free shipping on AliExpress, a risk still exists to buy some items with paid shipping, thus paying times more than it really costs.
  • Sometimes it’s still better to check the price on other websites (if the product is not exclusively presented on AliExpress). It often happens that buyers blindly trust the reputation of AliExpress as a cheap shopping platform, while on other websites, the product costs even less.

What About My Purchase’s Shipment? 

During the fuss of large-scale global sales, it’s natural for the shoppers to worry about the international shipping tracking process as millions of purchases are sent to happy owners across the globe within record time. As a result, you might easily have your parcel lost or misdirected to another country or state. So, it’s highly recommended to conduct regular international package tracking with the help of worldwide tracking websites like With their help, you’ll always keep the route of your merchandise under control without the risk of losing the much-wanted purchase from the Black Friday fun. avails easy and hassle-free global package tracking of numerous orders from different shippers in one cabinet, so you don’t need to download dozens of apps or check with several websites.