It Is Probably Wise To Keep Protests Peaceful And Not Block Vehicles Or Taunt Police

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Now a days there are protests around the country on a daily basis it would appear. Lately, supporters of the group Black Lives Matter have been organizing protests from Maine to California. Although these protests appear to start out rather peaceful, they typically do not end that way.

The big thing lately seems to be protesters blocking traffic and not allowing vehicles to pass. This is never a good idea and one, isn’t peaceful by any means and two, it can cause serious injury.

In the video below you will see one driver who was blocked by Black Lives Matter protesters recently on I-70 and they were not having it. The driver persisted through the crowd, luckily at a slow pace and eventually made their way through. Two protesters, Alesix Templeton and Brittany Ferrell were arrested for causing damage to the vehicle as well as taunting the driver. Roughly $5,000 damage was caused to the passing truck.

At the end of the video, you will see a man who is clearly taunting police while shutting down the highway, little did he know, an officer was right behind him and didn’t take lightly to the man not listening to their orders to move.


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