Blind Engineer Invents A ‘Smart Cane’ That Uses Google Maps To Help Blind People Navigate

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There have been so many advances in technology over the years that we sometimes just ‘get used’ to tech popping up. But every now and then, some sort of incredibly, life changing tech comes along and make you say ‘wow’!

A revolutionizing smart cane called WeWalk has been introduced to help blind people navigate their surroundings much more efficiently when they are on their own.


The cane was invented by a visually impaired engineer Kursat Ceylan, who is the CEO and co-founder of Young Guru Academy (YGA), the Turkish non-profit behind WeWALK. Being blind himself, Ceylan knows firsthand what challenges people like him face and decided to put his knowledge into inventing something that could greatly improve people’s life.


“In these days, we are talking about flying cars, but these people have been using just a plain stick. As a blind person, when I am at the Metro station, I don’t know which is my exit… I don’t know which bus is approaching… which stores are around me. That kind of information can be provided with the WeWalk,” he told CNN.


The smart cane assists visually impaired people using smart technology, some of which we use every day.


The cane is equipped with built-in speakers, a voice assistant, Google, and sensors that send vibrations to warn about obstacles above chest level.

The smart cane is available on the company’s website and sells for only $500.

The reaction to the invention has been pretty great!