29 Boomer Brands Struggling In The Time Of Millennials

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Source: Awesome Jelly

Many of the brands that shaped our childhood are in danger of disappearing as they struggle to appeal to millennial consumers with tastes different from older generations, particularly baby boomers. Today, with millennials being the largest generation of buyers, companies need to identify what goes into the younger group’s purchasing decisions to avoid that terminal decline that leads to brand extinction.
Millennials value authenticity, transparency, convenience, and choices. They tend to be more health-conscious, choosing breakfast sandwiches over processed cereals and sparkling water over carbonated soft drinks. They are also more interested in buying experiences instead of buying things, and they’ll be traveling to Indonesia and renting scooters instead of purchasing houses and cars. This digital generation of consumers use online and mobile channels to get information and reviews to find the best products and deals, therefore companies need to find ways to attract and engage these non-impulsive shoppers.
Read on to find out which classic brands need to start evolving and innovating to stay relevant to the largest group of consumers.