Bored German Shepherd Dozes-Off on the Back Seat… Until her Jam Comes On

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Source: Youtube

Our furry friends may have more personality than we give them credit for, and some of them may even share many things in common with us than we think. Certain activities we enjoy, like singing in the shower or dancing naked in the bedroom are human quirks that help us release stress, but are these things exclusive only to people?

Amazingly, the things that make us happy and soothe us, have the same effect on our four-legged pals. Studies have suggested that dogs in shelters become more relaxed and peaceful when classical music is played to them while the loud, high-energy tones of heavy metal music made them more excited.

Source: Youtube

But how receptive to music is man’s best friend really? Well, a viral video that has been posted on YouTube might show us just what we need to see.

In the video, Lola, an adorable German Shepherd, is seen inside her owner’s car, seemingly bored while travelling somewhere. Annie, her fur-mom is on the wheel when Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” Lola’s favorite song, starts playing on the radio. What happens next will surely melt your heart.

Watch the video below!


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Source: Annie Aul

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