Bored Quarantined Owners Have Started Building Cardboard Forts For Cats

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No matter what your current situation is in regards to quarantining or the limited amount of venturing outside that you can do right now – due to COVID-19 – one thing is certain. Bored people will come up with some super creative ways to entertain themselves and pass the time!


Building massive cardboard castles and forts for cats is a thing…and people are having a blast doing it!

Some of these cardboard forts are pretty awesome…while others…well…they tried. Most of the cats seem to dig the forts, so that’s a plus!

We have to admit it…this is quite impressive!

Clearly this feline is not that impressed with ‘Fort Dingo’!

A+ for creativity!

If I was a cat, I’d totally play in this fort!

There was so little effort put into this ‘fort’ that somehow it’s cool.

For starters, how freaking adorable is this little cat? Secondly…what a mighty fine palace she has!