Boston Red Sox Player Mookie Betts Steals Not One, But Two Bases In One Play! (Video)

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Yesterday was Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox and Outfielder Mookie Betts sure put on one heck of a show for Boston fans.

Mookie made an incredible catch, leaping high above the center field wall, robbing a hopeful National player of a homerun…but it didn’t stop there.  Later in he game Mookie hit his own blast into the left field seats, but it was the following play that it just amazing to watch.

Betts stole second base as many players often do, however he immediately got up from being called safe at second and took off for third, being called safe there as well.  One play, two stolen bases…now that is awesome!  Check out the video below to see Mookie in action.  If this is any indication of how the Red Sox season is going to go, well, Boston fans are in for a treat!

The play was reviewed by umpires upon the National’s request.  Mookie was found safe on both steals!  Next time he should just go for three!

Source : Youtube