Boston Woman Confronts Man She Claims Filmed Her

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Boston woman Jase Dillan published footage to Facebook of a confrontation in which she confronted a man who she claimed filmed her without permission.

On 29 October 2015, Facebook user Jase Dillan shared a video to Facebook that was captured during a confrontation with an unidentified man who she claimed took unauthorized, possibly intimate footage of her.

In her initial post Dillan simply implored friends to “help [her] find and [identify] this creep,” though her later, more detailed accusations were easily inferred from the video. Several hours later the fourth iteration of Dillan’s message (along with the original video, which contains profanity) read:

just another day on Newbury St. please help me find and identify this creep. not only did he film my crotch and…

Posted by Jase Dillan on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dillan provided Cosmopolitan with more detail after the video began spreading online:

“As I was approaching my vehicle, I noticed a man with a camera,” she said. Dillan saw out of the corner of her eye the man was videotaping her.

“When he saw that I stopped short, he flipped around and tried to concealed the camera,” Dillan said. She said the man, whose identity is not known, was parked near her car.

“I got into my vehicle and realigned side mirror,” she said. “I watched for about 10 minutes. I could see him and the viewfinder on his camera … he was maybe about three feet away … I could see him zooming in on [women’s] crotch areas,” she said. “He had the camera positioned low. He was zooming in on crotches. When they walked by, he would nonchalantly turn and zoom in on their asses.”

Cosmopolitan reported that Dillan later met with a Boston police officer, who informed her that the man’s purported actions were likely technically legal:

After confronting the man, she returned to her car and met a Boston police officer, who took her statement. Dillan said the officer was “incredibly helpful” and encouraged her to send him her video so he could view it more closely.

“Technically it is not illegal. It is perfectly [legal] to film a clothed woman,” Dillan pointed out. “But does it make it right when you’re zooming in crotch and asses? No it does not.”

She said the officer absolutely agreed the man was behaving inappropriately.

After Dillan’s first Facebook post went viral, she published a short update to her Timeline:

you guys. over 250k views. countless shares. an interview with Cosmo, and a local news outlet is coming to my mama’s house to interview me tomorrow. this is bananas! i can’t thank you enough for the support, and SO many kind words and messages. but most importantly, let’s focus on not just this one guy, but the behavior. because he’s not the only creep out there. this digital age we live in is a battle zone. we have all experienced harassment in our lives, and it matters not whether you are a woman or a man. this issue is not only a feminist issue, but a HUMANIST issue. we can all feel equally disgusted by this man’s behavior. let’s ‘be the bigger person’ and lead by positive examples. be kind to one another. xoxo

The depicted in the video has yet to come forward to face the claims, but we are sure that he is not happy ‘creepy’ camper right now!

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