That Bottle Of Hydrogen Peroxide Isn’t Just For Cuts And Scrapes Anymore

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When you get a cut, scrape or wound, what’s the first thing you reach for? Many people grab that bottle of hydrogen peroxide, dabbing it on the fresh cut as it bubbles up and works to disinfect the area.

Did you know hydrogen peroxide can have many different uses besides just serving to disinfect wounds? The Savings Experiment presents this #video below and reveals some amazing little known uses of this inexpensive product.

A perspiration stain remover? A toothbrush disinfectant? A mold remover? Yup. All of these tips are ultra simple. The mold removal trick may be the best, and the most important as mold can be responsible for people feeling ill.

You pour some of the undiluted hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle first. Then you pick your moldy spot and spray! Just a few spritzes should do the trick. Now wait for about 10-minutes, and then return with a dish towel, scrub away the mess and you are set. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make removing moldy spots very easy and extremely effective.

Disinfecting counter tops and cutting boards are also great uses for hydrogen peroxide. It is a very easy and inexpensive way to save money and clean your house! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Source : Youtube