Boyfriend Not Happy With Girlfriend Who Cuddles With Her Own Brother To ‘Stay Warm’

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A 20-year-old woman shared a story on Reddit where she claims to cuddle up with her 26-year-old brother to ‘stay warm’. This situation is causing issues with her boyfriend, who believe that it’s weird and that there could be some sort of strange affair happening. The woman claims it is not a form of cheating.

When the girls brother was staying over at her place as he was in town for work, it was cold outside and the woman states that her and her brother cuddled up in the same bed, under the sheets, to conserve body heat.

The woman’s boyfriend showed up and walked in on the cuddlefest and he was not pleased. The boyfriend found the pair cuddled up as though they were a romantic couple – in bed. The woman says that this is normal behavior in their family and that there is nothing wrong with it.

According to the woman, her boyfriend wasn’t there because his mom was unwell so he was staying at his parents’ house. Her brother arrived at roughly 6:30 a.m. (which is pretty weird) and OP was asleep. She didn’t feel like getting up, so her brother got in. “He tells me: ‘If you’re not going to wake up, at least let me get into bed ’cause it’s cold and I’m sleepy too,’” she recalled. “I say okay and he gets in. We immediately fall asleep.” Keep in mind, there is a guest room in the house, as the woman later revealed in the comments.

I think it is safe to say why the boyfriend may have some weird feelings about this situation… “He starts saying how this is ‘basically cheating’, asking if we had sex, if we’re in an incestuous relationship, etc., that this is absolutely disgusting and mega inappropriate and other delusional things like that,” the woman wrote. “I tell him that we’ve always shared a bed while living at home and that this is 100% platonic. He lets me know that ‘we were snuggling under the blankets while sleeping.’ I tell him yeah, that’s what people do when they share a bed and it’s cold.”

Sadly, the boyfriend made the decision to bail. I guess we can remove sadly from that sentence, because it really does seem like this dude dodged a bullet.