Mom Thinks Stranger Found Her Son’s Lost Wallet, But Instead They Left Something Much More Special

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A Utah teenager learned a valuable lesson last week, one that will more than likely stay with him throughout his lifetime.

Thirteen-year-old Karden Devenish had been doing yard work for months to save up enough money for a family fishing trip in Oregon later this summer. On July 6, he went to a local arcade parlor near his home in Spanish Fork to play some games, but brought the entire $80 he’d earned mowing lawns and pulling weeds.

boys lost wallet

At some point during the day, Karden realized his wallet was missing. After not being able to locate the wallet, Karden left his phone number with the manager of the arcade and went home.

When he got home he told his mother about the lost wallet and she turned to the Spanish Fork community Facebook page for help.

She posted this appeal:

boys lost wallet

Several hours later, Nickel Mania called to let her know they had something for Karden, and his father rushed over, sure it was the missing wallet.

It wasn’t.

Instead, he was handed an envelope containing $120 from someone who’d read about Karden’s plight on Facebook. Along with the cash, the envelope contained a short note:

Buy a new wallet, fishing license, and have fun. I read what happened to you on Facebook, and had the same thing happen when I was younger. Good Luck.

P.S. If your wallet was returned, pay it forward with this.