“Brady’s Back” – Parody of Eminem (Without Me) Is Pretty Much Spot On!

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This parody video pretty much sums up the feelings of Patriot’s fans throughout New England! Watch out Pittsburgh! The Patriots WITH Tom Brady open up the season on September 10th. Commissioner Goodell will not be in the house when the Patriots raise the Super Bowl banner!

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No wonder Colts fans are frowning outside frowning outside frowning outside

Guess who’s back
Back again
Brady’s back
Tell a friend
Guess who’s back

People say I’m monster,
Deflating my balls to
Win all my big games
Blame Brady, you’re all bitter
Well if you hate Brady
This is what I’ll give you
A little bit of Gronk
After a large dinner

Now all of you can stop calling me
Cheater cuz your team sucks
Not my problem, we beat ‘em
When I drop you and then all you want to hate me
Then you gotta flock the topic, “start debating!”
If there’s a lesson to be taught then maybe
The New England Patriots are just amazing
So all of you can keep on complaining
Sports Center thank me for the awesome ratings

The AFC – just clinched the East
Too bad Andy can’t just be me
They try to make me look bad on TV
But a football’s empty without me
Ha! See what I did? Did you like it?
Speaking of deflated balls, can you get a grip
You’re so petty, everybody’s out to get me
“Can you address SpyGate?” SHUT UP ALREADY!

This looks like a job for me
Got everybody trashtalking me
Just because we’re good, it’s a controversy
But football’s so empty without me

Na na na na na
Na na na na na
My team is awesome
And your team sucks

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